Mind Games CD - Children's Educational CD

Great music that teaches kids grammar, geography, math & more! 

Multiply This CD - Double CD Set

The most comprehensive musical multiplication program available.  Kids easily learn multiplication tables as they rap to the beats!

No Smoke No Mirrors - My very first solo CD project with my band the CWB

My first CD as a solo artist is in production right now!  Look for it soon!!

2 basses

R&B Backline - Funk and R&B bass/drum loops

Funky, laid-back bass & drum loops in construction kit format, with section variations allowing you to capture the sound & feel of those great R&B grooves of the 60's & 70's that have become the staple of today's hits. You get real session recordings, not just a collection of isolated loops and your finished tracks will sound live because the grooves are longer than just one or two bars. "A solid collection of rhythm section grooves." - Keyboard, "If you're looking for a steadfast groove and beautifully articulated bass playing, RB Backline is your ticket." - Remix


My new CD is available everywhere now!

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Check out my bass/drum sample CD on Big Fish Audio


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