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The Ultimate Hip Hop Multiplication Program

The most comprehensive method of teaching multiplication times tables ever created!    

  Success in grammar school requires a strong grasp of basic math concepts. One of the key components of a solid foundation in math is a knowledge of the multiplication "times tables." Without a solid grasp of these math facts children will struggle and become frustrated at every future stage of their math studies. 

MULTIPLY THIS! makes learning the times tables fun and easy.

The double audio CD can be used by children all by themselves, in a structured classroom course, or at home with parents' guidance.


* Takes unique advantage of kid's love of hip hop music

* Uses rap songs to help kids memorize times tables

* Mnemonic (memory) "hooks" for each multiplication fact also impart positive messages about
self esteem and academic achievement.

* 47 Tracks!!!

* Nearly 2 hours total playing time!


Original rap songs
Highest quality professional production
Kids simultaneously learn multiplication facts as they learn the lyrics


* Times tables for each number presented two ways:
1. as an equation ("6 x 9 = 54")
2. and as products only ("3,6,9,12, etc.") to teach children how to count up

* Two quizzes for each number: beginners (slow) and advanced (fast). These can be used as in class exams, for homework, or for self practice.

* Two long Bonus quizzes test all the multiplication facts together in random order to reinforce comprehension.





M I N D   G A M E S

Interdisciplinary/cross-curricular learning with music

The combination of lyrics set to rhythm and melody stimulates our memory in a way that makes retention practically effortless. Be it jazz, country, rock, or r&b, music that we like finds its way into our memories. Children especially have an amazing ability to learn songs they hear on the radio or television. Unfortunately, most of these songs have little or no educational value, and many contain language that is inappropriate for pre-teen age children.

Mind Games features songs designed to help children (ages 6 to 13) learn a variety of subjects, including: grammar (punctuation, verbs, and adjectives), mathematics (fractions and the metric system), and geography. Also included is a bonus track called "Open The Door." This inspirational song encourages kids to study hard and not be afraid or embarrassed to achieve academic excellence.

All of the selections on the Mind Games CD are fully produced, professional radio style tracks, not simple "kiddie songs." Your children will enjoy rapping and singing along to these songs in the car, at home, and at school, and as they learn the lyrics, your kids will also be learning valuable facts that will help them in school and beyond!



1.The Homonym Game      2. Funky Fractions      3. The Continents      4. Verbs      5. Punctuation

6. Adjectives      7. The Metric System      8. Rock the (inter) Net      9. Recess     10. Open the Door







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